Kai Iwi Lakes

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Kai Iwi Lakes, Kauri Coast, New Zealand
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Kai Iwi lakes was formed 1.8 million years ago. The basin-type sand dune lakes started accumulating rainwater during the Pleistocene Epoch. Today, there are three crystal clear lakes that make up Kai Iwi. These are rimmed by warm shallow water, which makes it an idea place for kids to play and swim in. It does get deeper, which makes it a great body of water for other recreational activities such as fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and water skiing. Kai Iwi is around 35 minutes north of Dargaville, the lakes are part of the Taharoa domain. It can be reached by travelling along State Highway 12 to Omamari Rd. 11kms along Omamari Road takes you to Taharoa Domain. It’s a great place for camping or spending a summer afternoon laying around on the fine white sand. There are two popular camping areas by the lake — Pine Beach and Promenade Point.

Find out more about the lakes through the Kai Iwi Lakes website maintened by the Kauri Coast information pod.

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