New Zealand’s Top Adventure Destinations

New Zealand is often called the adventure capital of the world — and with all the crazy, heart-pounding activities one can do, it definitely deserves the title. So where can adrenaline junkies find their fix? Here are our topic picks for places to quench your thirst for the thrill:

  • Queenstown – The first commercial bungy operation in the world (by AJ Hackett) can be found in this gem of a place. There are also other exciting activities on offer such as the flying fox, the world’s highest swing (which will have you hanging hundreds of metres above the valley floor). Queenstown also has many operators offering activities such as jetboating, sky diving, river rafting, river surfing, quad biking and snowboarding and skiing in the winter.
  • Rotorua – This is area is a top contender when it comes to adventurous activities. YOu can roll down a hill in a giant inflated ball via the Zorb or Ogo — a uniquely Kiwi innovation. You can drive down a mountain in a purpose built toboggan-like contraption called the luge. Mountain biking and trekking are also popular in the area’s Redwoods. They have Velocity Valley which has Schweeb racers, the Swoop Swing and other cool activities to get your heart pumping.
  • Taupo – If skiing is your sport of choice, Ruapeho and it’s snow fields is just a short drive away. Whihin Taupo, you’ll also find amazing activities such as sky diving, kayaking and rafting. Also close by is Tongariro, which offers river rafting and hiking activities.
  • Paihia – The highest parasailing adventure in New Zealand can be done in Paihia, which gets you 1,300 feet above water.  There’s lots of adventure to be had in the sky or on the water when you’re in the Bay of Islands. Try Jetboating or skydiving while you’re here.
  • Waitomo – Home of the glowworm caves, the area offers its own brand of adventure with a choice of caving activities or black-water rafting.
  • Auckland – Right in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, you’ll find one the most thrilling activities to do. You can walk around the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest tower via the SkyWalk on the edge of the SkyTower’s pergola — a dizzying 192 metre hight. Other adventures within Auckland are the Harbour Bridge climb and bungy. The fabulous Waitakere ranges offer some canyoning activities.
  • Ninety Mile Beach – Off-road driving, sand dune surfing are the top adventure activities in the Far North. However, if you decide to drive on the beach, most insurance companies won’t cover your car for damages.
  • Gisborne – We think the natural rock slide in the land of the first light deserves a spot in this list. Rere rockslide has often been featured in videos for the amazing experience it offers.

There are many more hidden gems for thrill-seekers in New Zealand.

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